The field covered in snow, with the raised rows still visible

The field covered in snow, with the raised rows still visibleToday we had the first day of snow on the little farmstead.  It’s cool that you can still see the raised rows even with the snow! Our cover crop winter rye and vetch is still green and well underneath the blanket of snow, and the garlic is tucked in beneath a heavy bed of straw.  Gonna be a little tough to get to the compost pile for the next few days!

The three ducklings in an ex-pen in the snow

We brought the ducklings outside for their first taste of snow as well.  They were only out for a few minutes, since it’s pretty chilly and they don’t have their full set of adult feathers yet to keep them warm. 

We sat out on the deck with an expen set up to prevent them from accidentally slipping through the railing of the deck.

Aurora and Cinder were pretty underwhelmed, but Buttercup gave it a good try! Seems like a good representation for how we all feel about snow and the beginning of winter.

Our Australian Shepherds Surge and Jenny playing in the snow.  Surge has a snowball in his mouth.

The dogs also got in on the action, with an impromptu lunchtime snowball fight!

Though the farm is quiet right now, the days of seed starting and soil amendments are right around the corner.

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