The best way you can support us is by buying our produce and eggs at the farmers market, and letting your friends know how much you enjoyed our products! Pictures of veggies, bouquets, or finished dinners with a tag to us on social media are wonderful ways to spread the news.

Additionally, we have a GoFundMe for some capital improvements to the farm (mostly to our duck run and apiary areas!) and an Amazon wishlist for directly buying some improvements for the farm or farmers market booth.  The ducks thank you in advance for the treats!

At the market, I am more than happy to take unwanted greens from the tops of carrots or beets to bring home as duck food (they love it!).  We also recycle our egg cartons and provide a small discount on the purchase of your next carton of eggs with the return of the old carton.

Thanks for joining us on our journey.  Your support means the world to us.