Photo of Meghan planting garlic

Jay in the field distributing wood chips from a wheelbarrow

Our Australian Shepherds Surge and Jenny playing in the snow. Surge has a snowball in his mouth.

Jay in a bee veil, inspecting the bee hive

Sign reading "food is free" with seedlings and seeds being given away



Stargazer Hollow’s mission is to produce high-quality heirloom produce using sustainable, earth-friendly methods and bringing the community closer to the source of their food.

Little Family, Big Dream

Stargazer Hollow is currently a small backyard farm run by Meghan Buckley and Jay Mendelsohn in East Walpole, MA. 

We’re learning to farm, attending growers’ conferences, enrolled in Bee School, members of local farming associations, and going to be participating in our first farmers’ market this year.

The 3-5 year plan is to buy a big piece of farmland in Massachusetts somewhere within 2 hours of Boston (because Meghan will keep her day job!) and have other people join us in our dream of a cooperative living situation on an organic farm.

Memberships & Associations

We are members of:

  • Northeast Organic Farming Association
  • Norfolk County Beekeepers Association