We are now hiring our first ever teammates for the 2022 season! 

All roles are available as full-time (during peak season May-September) or part-time, and we are very open to being flexible and designing roles to fit the people we add to the team.

Our mission statement is to produce high-quality heirloom produce using sustainable, earth-friendly methods and bringing the community closer to the source of their food.

We also take very seriously our role as stewards of the land, and owners of a business that must ensure all employees are treated with respect, dignity, and are offered equity.  We are LGBT+ owned and Indigenous owned, and highly value diversity. 

Apply for Any Role

CSA Full Share Summer

Open Roles

Production Manager

This role will oversee the field crew, and be point person on the growing schedule and day-to-day tasks of the farm, working with the Farm Manager.  We are open to discussing an “Assistant Farm Manager” title with a slightly different set of responsibilities as well, particularly for anyone with more of a farm business background.

An ideal candidate for this position will have several years of farming experience, and a compassionate and egalitarian leadership style.  Equity is a top value held by the farm, but we also recognize the need for leadership and guidance, so will want the person in this role to have thoughts around correct balance between direction and collaboration.

The daily work will also include hands-on farm work at an individual contribution level, and may include tractor work and handling (OMRI listed) chemicals. 

Let’s talk more about it, but we envision about $30/hour for this role, and for the right fit this could be a year round position (open to discussing salary for the winter period as well).

Field Crew & Senior Field Crew

This role is the main role on the farm, available seasonally full-time and part-time.

The field crew is responsible for:

  • Seeding and transplanting produce
  • Weeding
  • Pest scouting and management
  • Irrigation of certain crops
  • Harvesting

Members of the field crew interested in splitting up their days to also work on other tasks may also be offered projects like:

  • Moving pastured livestock 
  • Cleaning barn stalls
  • Beekeeping inspections
  • Greenhouse work
  • Taking photos and videos for social media
  • Working at the farmers market vendor booth
  • Event staffing

Senior field crew are relied upon to make tactical decisions, particularly when the Production Manager is not present.

These roles will pay $16-22/hr depending on experience and skills.

You Tell Us

Would you be an awesome add to the farm in a way that we haven’t scoped out yet? 

Very cool, please fill out an application and tell us more about your experience and interests! 

Our Team Today

Jay Mendelsohn (they/them)

Co-Founder, Farm Manager


Jay works on the farm full-time, split between produce and care of the farm animals.  They have only been farming for a few years and take a very non-hierarchical approach to farm management.  

They also manage the CSA program and deliver CSA shares and flower deliveries. They are the go-to person for “generally, help is needed” situations on the farm.

Meghan Buckley (she/her)

Co-Founder, General Manager

Meghan works part-time on the farm, in addition to a full-time off-farm job.  On the farm, she is responsible for the business end: legal and financial tasks, sales and marketing, and website maintenance.  

She also creates the Recipe of the Week and other farm content, and assists with harvesting and packaging.  She often attends farmers markets with Hannah.

Hannah Buckley (she/her)

Farmers Market Lead

Hannah works part-time for the farm, mostly by running our market booth at the farmers markets we attend.  She also assists with harvesting and packaging.

Employee Benefits


Our goal is to have best-in-class benefits for farm staff. All benefits listed here are available to all employees averaging 10 hours a week or more on the farm.

We’re still working on specifically health insurance, and please let us know if this is crucially important for this year (we’re having some trouble accomplishing it our first year with staff).  Is there something else you hoped to see here but don’t? Tell us! 

Many more details of these benefits will be sent to applicants along with a job offer for confirmation.

CSA Share

Vegetables, eggs, and anything else produced on the farm are available to team members, starting their first week (once we start harvesting anything!).


Flexible Schedule

You basically set your own hours, between sunrise and sunset.  Aside from legal requirements around working hours and breaks, it is not important to us when you work, and you can switch up your schedule as needed.  For example: Want a random Wednesday off in exchange for an extra long Friday shift? That’s fine.


Paid Time Off

Flexible schedules aren’t the only way we want to see our team in charge of their own work/life balance: we also provide PTO to all farm staff.

  • 1 week (of your “average” week’s pay) during the peak season of June-September
  • PTO requests may be denied if others have already requested PTO at that time (if truly necessary, otherwise will not be denied even if others are off)
  • Sick leave is separate from PTO, and we offer 2 days (paid at an average “daily” number of hours) over the Massachusetts state required accruals

Professional Development

We believe in investing in our team.  Every team member will receive paid time to attend conferences, workshops, webinars, etc, up to $500 per year.

We also offer space for you to grow your own vegetables, run an experiment (though you must meet or exceed our required standards around organic practices), or try out new tools or systems.


Lots More

Some highlights of other benefits of working for Stargazer Hollow Farm:

  • Weekly pay by check or direct deposit
  • Welcome bonus + gifts after first week
  •  Birthday gifts & celebration, plus a season-end birthday celebration for folks with an off-season birthday
  • Free entry to any event held on the farm
  • Team lunches
  • Snacks and convenience supplies
  • Bonus for working the complete season

Overall, we really want this to be a good place to work, and will take suggestions for improvement seriously.


Stargazer Hollow Farm is located at 29 South Main Street in Berkley, MA


Plenty of parking is available at the farm, but it is not close to public transportation.

It is somewhat walkable or bikeable in the local area, and we have a good secure place to store a bike if desired.