colorful fresh culinary mushrooms growing in blocks

👩🏻‍🌾 Exciting Partnership Announcement! 🍄

Stargazer Hollow Farm is thrilled to unveil a new chapter for our new local, naturally-grown community supported agriculture shares with the introduction of a Mushroom Add-On Share in our 2024 CSA program, crafted in collaboration with McGuire’s Mushrooms!
colorful fresh culinary mushrooms growing in blocks
McGuire’s Mushrooms, a celebrated local gem in Hingham that has been featured in Edible Boston Magazine and beyond, is renowned for their dedication to growing high-quality, sustainable fungi. From lion’s mane to oyster and shiitake varieties, their offerings promise a culinary adventure that elevates your dining experience. For folks who have made, eaten, or been inspired by our recipes of the week or Meghan’s postings, nearly 100% of the mushrooms we’ve used in the last two seasons have come from our friends at McGuire’s!

Up your locavore game this year with our produce plus other add-ons from our farm, including a fresh Egg Share featuring free-range eggs weekly (a full season egg share can expect to receive duck, chicken, turkey, and quail eggs, and if we can snag the eggs from the geese, perhaps those too – reaching under a broody goose is a little more death-defying than you may think!), and a vibrant Flower Share, curated with a weekly bouquet of about 12-15 stems plus greens. Additionally, don’t miss out on our new Friends of the Farm Share, where each week, you’ll receive a small gift from the farm – a token of our gratitude for your support. Check out this page for more details on how you can enrich your CSA experience with these delightful add-ons and savor the tastes of farm-fresh produce! 🥚 🍄🌷✨

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