baby ducklings in a small pile, napping

Here on our little farm we have our first three farm animals: Indian Runner ducklings.

baby ducklings in a small pile, napping

The ducklings came home on October 30 at 1 day old, and have grown a ton already!

We picked ducks to start with over chickens as they are quite quiet (we are in a suburb with neighbors nearby), and they are excellent at foraging, which will make them a great add to our organic methods of gardening.  They will spend their days out picking bugs off of our plants and splashing around in a small pond that we made them!

Ducks also lay excellent eggs.  They lay about as many as chickens, and the eggs are larger and notoriously good for baking.

We picked Indian Runner Ducks because I wanted an heirloom breed known for high egg production and good foraging ability.  As a side bonus, runner ducks have a really fun very upright posture, and they’re very fast moving!

Since they’re just babies, they’re set up inside our kitchen in a brooder right now.  We are working on their coop and run, which we should have completely ready by the end of January.



Cinder is a blue runner duck, and she will be a dark slate silver when her adult feathers grow in. Her eggs will be a mix of blue and white.
buttercup, a fawn and white runner duckling, in a bowl
Buttercup is a fawn and white runner duck.  Though she is mostly yellow now, when she grows up she will have a mixed pattern of brown and white feathers.  Her eggs will be white
Aurora, a black runner duckling, in a bowl of water
Aurora is a black runner duck, and she will be close to jet black when she grows her adult feathers. Most of her eggs will be blue.


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