A basket full of colorful eggs with decorative daisy flowers. In the corner, text that says "National Egg Day".

Yesterday was National Egg Day, according to those fun “unusual holiday” calendars.  A basket full of colorful eggs with decorative daisy flowers.  In the corner, text that says "National Egg Day".

We celebrated by gathering up this week’s eggs in a basket to take a picture of their awesome variations.  Our ducks lay eggs with shells that are different colors from each other, which is pretty cool to see! This doesn’t impact the taste or color of the egg itself at all, and is mostly related to the bloom on the egg.

The eggs are also still coming out with some variation in size, since the ducks are young and only recently started laying.  Buttercup is the first duck to lay consistently — basically all “extra large” size white pretty eggs.

We also gave the ducks a bouquet of trimmed arugula flowers as a treat!

In honor of National Egg Day, I’d also like to pass along a recommendation for my ideal method of making scrambled eggs.  Such an easy food, but it’s so easy to make bad scrambled eggs.  Follow these instructions and it’ll be perfect.


Duck eggs, varying in color from white to blue

Duck eggs are a lot like chicken eggs, and can be used in all the same applications.  Cooking and storing duck eggs is also exactly like cooking and storing chicken eggs.

So, what’s so special about duck eggs?

  1. Duck eggs are bigger
    Our ducks are Indian Runner Ducks, a small breed of duck, so their eggs are about the size of an Extra Large chicken egg. 
  2. Duck eggs stay fresher longer
    Due to the thicker shell, duck eggs are able to stay fresh longer in the fridge. 
  3. People with allergies to chicken eggs aren’t typically allergic to duck eggs
    Always be careful with food allergies, but egg allergies are normally species-specific. 
  4. Duck eggs contain more protein
    A chicken egg has 6 grams of protein, and a duck egg has 9. 
  5. Professional bakers swear by duck eggs
    Due to the higher protein content and richer yolk, duck eggs make rich, moist, airy baked goods.  Duck eggs are very commonly used by wedding cake bakers! 
  6. Duck eggs have more healthy omega-3 fatty acids, and extra vitamin D
    This can vary based on diet, but our ducks forage in our garden every day and are fed high quality organic food.